Honing Your Choreographer’s Instinct

The performance was done and I was talking to my troupe director about a piece I...
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Perhaps you have been questioning yourself as to whether you really want to cont...
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Shimmy In The Spirit of Bellydance Magazine is celebrated around the world as a unique publication that combines the best information from the beautiful world of bellydance with aspects of healthy living. We bring you topics on health and wellness, travel articles and recipes, as well as the hottest bellydance events, one-on-one interviews and much more!

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"I really love your magazine and what you are creating with it--combining the art of belly dance with holistic/health/wellness concepts, in such an artistic, lovely aesthetic. You have created something really special." ~Deb Rubin

"Thanks for acknowledging the spirit of the dance for those of us who see it as more than just the latest dance/fitness trend." M

"Shimmy is very beautiful, modern and informative. More than just pretty pictures, your magazine offers real articles on real aspects of our dance." F